Pilgrims #89

The Pilgrims (Sponsors) of SMMC #89

The Best One Ever…..

See GREEN for additions
See PURPLE for name correction
See RED for unable to attend


Dixie United Methodist Church
Kay West (Larry White) (Added 09/28/22)

Highland Baptist
Tammy Cooke (Wayne & Theresa Jones) (Added 09/28/22)
Michael Cooke (Wayne & Theresa Jones) (Added 09/28/22)

Antioch UMC, Lucedale
Angie Morris (Meleta Green) (Unable to attend 10/04/22)
Robert Morris (Meleta Green) (Unable to attend 10/04/22)

The Bridge UMC, D’Iberville
Charlotte Bunkley (Giff Ormes)
Grady Bunkley (Giff Ormes)
Tabatha Rutherford (Gina Sawyer)

First Baptist Church, Sharon
Joey Pitts (Cecelia Miller) (Unable to attend 10/04/22)
Tammy Wells (Cecelia Miller) (Unable to attend 10/04/22)

Grace Chapel, Sandy Hook
Jessica Knight (Jennifer Baughman)

1st UMC, Gulfport
Frank Moseley (Christy Moseley) (Name correction 09/28/22)

Wesley UMC, Ocean Springs
Anetha Cobb (Joe & Tammy Williams)

Life Church, Laurel
Kayla Dobson-Smith (Cecelia Miller) (Unable to attend 09/30/22)

Mosaic Church, Ocean Springs
Christina Caffey (Holly Regan)
Allison Erickson (Chad & Tatum Cochran)
Caleb Mansfield (Eloise & Charlie Marquette)

1st UMC, Picayune
Brenda Stockstill (Beverly Walley)

Steep Hollow Baptist Church, Poplarvile
Katie Santiago (Bonnie Hodge)

Temple Baptist Church, Hattiesburg
Robin Murphy (June Pierce) (Unable to attend 09/28/22)
SueAnn Robinson (Bonnie Hodge)

Theresa Davis (Joyce Morgan)
Elissa Fairley (Crystal Broadus)
Susan Sikut (Beverly Walley) (Unable to attend 10/04/22)
Jack Vosburg (Terri Nyman) (Added 09/28/22)
Jack Thomas (Ginny Gough) (Unable to attend)